How To Decorate With Mismatched Nursery Furniture

How To Decorate With Mismatched Nursery Furniture

Hey there, parents-to-be! We’re just as excited as you are to welcome your babe into the world. Now, as you prepare the nursery, we need to focus on your furniture sets. As a first-time parent, it's okay not to have matching furniture sets; it adds more personality to the room and makes it unique. If you happen to have pieces that don't match, that's even better. To better explore the possibilities for decorating with different furniture, take a look at our guide on how to decorate with mismatched nursery furniture.

Different Paint Colors

Paint is a great starting point when learning how to decorate with mismatched nursery furniture. By painting different complementary colors on the furniture, you’re adding more vibrancy. As you paint each piece, consider the tone the color scheme will set in the room. For instance, pick a serene color if you’re looking for a peaceful atmosphere, or use a slightly bright color to help create an energy booster in the morning. Before painting, sand down wooden furniture or apply primer if the baby furniture is made of a different material.

Assorted Fabric Types

To add more balance to your little one’s room, try using simple patterns that transform different furniture pieces to create a clean image. Using other designs can become distracting and make the room distasteful. All in all, using fabric in one consistent pattern can make the room feel balanced and peaceful.

Adorning Walls and Windows

Walls and windows are a solid asset to have, especially when taking the time to decorate. When adding accessories to walls, use practical items such as wall lamps, shelves, and another wall décor. For your windows, add drapery that’s short so that the baby won’t grab and pull on them. Choose drapes that also filter out enough light to make the room comfortable.

Applying Minimalist Efforts

As a parent, you want the nursery space to feel eclectic, as well as cozy and warm. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to balance these two styles without displaying some form of fun flea market finds and items that you need.

Instead of filling the room with prized antiques that you hope your little one will enjoy having mantled on their wall, try and do a little at a time. Instead of adding various objects in one room and hoping it meets your nursery expectations, try and be minimal and only put in a few pieces at a time to help balance out the nursery.

As a new mom, it’s hard finding the right baby room furniture sets for your bundle of joy, especially if you’re looking to mix and match. At Simply Nursery, we love seeing new parents-to-be create and follow our tips and tricks to make the most of their nurseries. Before designing the nursery, consider our furniture sets to help mix and match the furniture in your little one’s nursery.

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