How to Design a Gender-Neutral Nursery

How to Design a Gender-Neutral Nursery

The gender of your baby can be a very influential factor in their nursery design, as it can help you determine everything from color palette to theme to aesthetic. However, for people who want the gender of their baby to be a surprise, designing a space that would fit either a boy or a girl can be difficult. Fortunately, this vision is far from impossible to achieve if you think outside the box. This is how to design a gender-neutral nursery for your new arrival and make it perfect either way.

Use a Flexible Design Theme

The base theme you choose for your nursery heavily dictates the colors you’ll be inclined to use as well as what décor you’ll ultimately display. This is why it’s important that you start by establishing a more neutral theme when you’re looking to build a gender-neutral nursery. Rather than use specific themes such as flowers or sports, consider broader subjects. Some contenders could be farm animals, the beach, or the jungle.

Ground Your Design with Neutral Colors

When it comes to designing a gender-neutral nursery, neutral colors are key. Hues such as white, gray, brown, and beige go well with a multitude of other colors and don’t designate a room as for a boy or girl. Because of this, they make great foundational colors for your nursery’s design. Once you’ve established a neutral palette, you can begin getting more creative with your approach.

Add Splashes of Additional Color or Pattern

Just because you’re dominantly using neutral colors for your nursery design doesn’t mean you can’t add touches of color and pattern. In fact, a neutral canvas makes small details and deliberate design choices stand out more effectively. By using this chance to be creative with your design, you can add depth to the space and make it more unique for your child. Just be sure you don’t adopt a color scheme that’s too strong, or you could end up losing the neutral effect.

Incorporate Items with Texture

You can also add depth by using décor that adds texture to the room. Textures are great for adding an element of interest to rooms that lack bright colors. As such, they make the perfect addition to a neutral nursery. You can even mix and match different texture pieces to create a room that appeals to your baby’s sense of touch.

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