How To Keep Your Baby Still During Diaper Changes

How To Keep Your Baby Still During Diaper Changes

Regular diaper changes are one of the most important parts of caring for your newborn. Not only does it ensure they stay clean, but it also prevents a slew of potential health issues, such as rashes or illnesses. But when your baby tends to get fussy during this process, it can be challenging to finish the job in a safe and timely manner. Here is how to keep your baby still during diaper changes so that you can keep them safe and healthy.

Secure Them Properly

First and foremost, strap them onto the changing table properly. Many pieces of furniture designed to accommodate diaper changes come with straps that wrap around a baby’s midsection. These belts help keep your baby safe by maintaining their position even if they’re squirming and giving you an extra hand to complete the task.

Make the Station Comfortable

You can also keep your baby still during diaper changes by making your changing station more comfortable for them. Babies will often start to wiggle around if they don’t like the way they’re sitting on a particular surface. Taking the time to attach extra padding to your changing table or tray can be beneficial for this process in the future.

Provide Distractions

You can try using methods to distract your baby as well. Whether it be singing to them, cooing, or calling their name, finding ways to hold your child’s attention gets their mind off the task at hand. When this happens, they’re no longer looking to struggle away from your grip, and you can finish before they even realize what happened.

Get It Done Quickly

But it’s most important that you change your child quickly. The longer you take to get them situated, the higher the chances are that they’ll become uncomfortable and start to struggle. Completing the task in the most efficient manner possible will minimize the resistance you get from your baby and, in turn, make it easier to clean them thoroughly.

The first step to any successful diaper change is to use the right type of equipment, and at Simply Nursery, we aim to provide you with just that. Easy to install and secure, our natural wood changing trays are comfortable and safe for your baby to lay in. As such, we’re confident that they would make the perfect addition to your nursery.

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