How To Maximize Storage Space in Your At-Home Nursery

How To Maximize Storage Space in Your At-Home Nursery

Hey there, parents-to-be! Now that you’re here, you’re likely looking for storage solutions—something that doesn’t create disorganization or cause the room to become overloaded with stuff. It’s completely normal to have more than you need, but the reality is that you need to limit what goes into the bedroom. All you need for the at-home nursery are clothes, diaper essentials, and furniture. However, you can’t go wrong with learning to maximize storage space.

Opt for a Mini Crib

Depending on the space, the need for furniture becomes hard. You find it difficult to measure out an area because you’re worried that nothing is going to fit no matter how it’s measured. If you are concerned about space in your home, try a mini crib.

Mini cribs work perfectly for small spaces, especially with limited room. Even if you share a room with the baby, the use of a mini crib becomes a better space saver. You no longer need to worry about the crib being too long that it becomes hard to move around.

Use the Wall Space

The greatest thing that’s forgotten in rooms is the wall space. Sometimes, you overlook the walls because they’re used primarily for wall decorations. The walls aren’t only for ornamentation; they are handy for shelves since they help store things properly.

For example, there are small figurines you’re dying to put somewhere, but the space won’t budge. If this happens, place up invisible shelving—these sills create a sleek design while creating ample room in the nursery. While setting these up, consider working upwards instead of side to side.

Take Advantage of Dead Space

The corners and other parts of a room not utilized are dead spaces. Any space like corners and hidden walls need to be used up, or else the room feels empty. There are ways to dress up these areas without going over the top or overthinking the space.

Take a moment to think about yourself. Perhaps you’d like to use those areas as a space for yourself. Having a corner to yourself sounds like a great solution for that space. After your little one retires for the night, you can sit down with a book and a drink while waiting for your little one to fall asleep.

While fixating on creating the ultimate sanctuary for yourself and a great space to keep essentials nearby, start thinking about placing a small table in your corner. It can be any table you desire, but the best nursery end table is one with storage. An end table with a shelf, drawer, or both keeps the baby’s things organized.

Apply Storage Solutions on the Door

Over-the-door hangers and storage bags work great if you have a lot of one thing, such as coats and personal care items like lotion, hair brushes, and hair accessories. It might seem helpful to place these items in the closet or a drawer, but they get disorganized, and you have better things to put inside of those drawers.

While working on the bedroom, consider placing over-the-door hangers up to store coats and long-sleeved jackets. On the other hand, if you have a lot of small things for hygiene and cleaning the baby, use a storage bag. These small things keep the other minuscule things contained in one place.

Stick to One Set Color Coordination

You have a lot to do with the nursery already, so picking random colors to paint the walls and decorate isn’t going to help keep the room looking organized and, in some ways, give the illusion of being bigger. The space needs to have one color scheme, so select colors that complement each other while making the room feel orderly.

The best way to avoid a room appearing cluttered is to use neutral tones, like beige and neutral gray or white and a lemon yellow. These color matches make the bedroom brighter while making it appear neat.

Use Vacuum Bags as Storage for Seasonal Clothes

Throughout the first year, you’ll accumulate clothes for different seasons. So, to help stick with seasonality, you’re going to want to store your clothes away for later in an out-of-sight place to make room for the current time of year.

Instead of using garbage bags, try vacuum-sealed bags. After neatly folding clothes into a compartment, you attach a vacuum nozzle to a bag—the vacuum sucks the air out until the bags flat. You can place these on a shelf or under the bed until next year.

Buy Furniture With Storage

You don’t want lackluster furniture, and you don’t want something that only looks appealing in a bedroom. The nursery furniture you buy needs to serve a purpose—and what better reason to have organization than with furnishings!

Modern baby furniture comes with storage big enough to store more than one group of things inside at one time. Furniture you should buy that has storage include:

  • Dresser
  • Crib
  • Shelf system
  • Ottoman
  • Side table

Don’t Try To Buy too Much at Once

It’s hard not to buy everything right away, but some items need to be avoided or waited on another few years before buying. Things like potted plants and glass figurines don’t belong within arm’s reach of your baby. Even placing these things on a side table creates chances for your curious child to try and grab them.

Although it might be tempting to go overboard, keep your spending to a minimum. Only buy your essentials right now, such as the baby furniture, and leave the extra items in your baby shower registry.

Make the Closet Into a Changing Space

If the closet’s bigger than the nursery, consider morphing it into a changing space. All you need is a shelving system installed and then the changing table right under. Make sure to take accurate measurements before installation.

Additionally, put in poles to hang up clothes for the week so you can have a more leisurely morning without going through everything trying to find an outfit to wear.

Keep the Room Clutter-Free

It’s difficult creating a room without clutter. By installing storage systems, you develop better ways to keep the space organized and eliminate anything that doesn’t belong. While decorating, take note of what items are too big for the room or that you don’t have ample room for, and get rid of them.

Parents need the best how-to hacks to maximize their space. These storage methods come in handy for every room, including the nursery. Don’t limit yourself on space—use it all to your advantage!

Every room in your home needs storage—and that includes the nursery. Even as you piece the baby’s room together, having sustainable furniture is vital for an infant’s room. Storage and sustainability go hand in hand with Simply Nursery’s online store. By shopping with Simply Nursery, you buy high-quality furniture that grows with your child. We’re happy to offer natural furniture for an airy and clutter-free space for every growing child.

How To Maximize Storage Space in Your At-Home Nursery

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