How to Stimulate your Baby at Home

From the moment of birth, babies start picking up information from their surroundings. Anything can be a stimulus: light, sound, movement, textures, colors, tastes, and so on. 

Infants learn to move, talk, socialize, and understand their surroundings primarily through play. Your infant will learn by interacting with you during the first month of life. If you’re a parent or a parent to be, or if you plan to become one at some point, we believe you will find this article very helpful since every parent wants to see their children grow and learn while exploring the world.

Porch asked experts (including us) for our advice regarding promoting a baby’s skills developmentsetting up a space or a playroom for this purpose, and what items are the best and the safest for children to interact with.

This is what we told them:

“What would you recommend to include in the design of a baby nursery to help stimulate the baby’s sensory development?”

There are many amazing activities to stimulate the baby’s sensory development and you can find many ways to help with that when choosing items for your baby nursery. Attaching a mobile into the baby crib is great for visual and audio (if the mobile plays music) sensorial development and this activity is recommended for babies from 2 months old.

Another item you must include in your baby nursery is a shelf, since they are little babies until they are grown up, reading a book to your child is the best way to create a bond with them and stimulate listening and creativity! You can attach this shelf into the wall at a height that when your baby takes their first steps, he/she can pick up the favorite book and start a natural relation with reading for life. Don’t forget to select sensorial books, there are amazing books to develop touch with different fabrics. Also you can add to your shelf, teddy bears and other recommended toys to have more options when it is tummy time.

The usual changing diaper time can be also used to stimulate the baby’s sensory development. Talking to your baby, making different voices and playing peek a boo after changing diapers helps the visual and listening development of your baby. That’s why it is very important to have a safe changing table and all items close such as diapers, wipes and diapers cream at this moment. 

Tip – always make sure all items in your baby nursery are tested and meet the US regulations for baby safety, also every toy or book chosen is ideal for your baby’s age.

Every moment is special and unique with your little one and can be used to stimulate your baby’s sensory development, use your creativity!

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