How Versatile Is Your Changing Tray?

How Versatile Is Your Changing Tray?

Like many of life’s milestones, having a baby is a very important one as you begin to grow your family. You’re probably considering buying many things, such as a changing table—and maybe a changing tray that’s portable and easy to use. If you have one already, how versatile is your changing tray, exactly? Discover the benefits of changing trays here.

Why Should You Buy a Changing Tray?

Changing trays are more convenient than most typical changing tables. Changing tables are great to have, but as soon your infant learns to roll over or crawl or discovers how to reach for items in their line of sight, the question of safety begins to invade. If safety is a concern, it’s time to consider alternative solutions.

A changing tray will change the way you view safety. You’ll find that a changing tray has excellent safety features and even helps with organization, all while meeting regulations. Plus, the changing trays from Simply Nursery are made from organic materials. Here are some reasons to buy your baby a changing tray.

Allows for Easy Organization

A changing tray is simple yet effective. It makes sense to have one in your nursery as a backup if your changing table isn’t working out as your child grows. A changing tray can also help with organizing of all your essentials, including wipes, baby oil, and baby lotion.

Meets Safety Standards

According to CFOC (Caring for Our Children) standards, any changing area needs to be sturdy and at a good height for when a parent is changing a baby. Safety standards for changing trays include allowing enough space for the child to move but not roll over, the inclusion of a separate storage space, and easy portability. Many changing trays also meet international safety codes.

Pairs Well with Dressers

If you’re wondering how versatile your changing tray is, consider the fact that diaper changing trays are made to match with any dresser top, which in turn makes them easy to use with any dresser. This allows for better access to the contents of the dresser drawers, so you won’t have to move about a lot while ensuring your child doesn’t fall off.

Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Examine your changing tray and make sure it isn’t harming your little one. To put your mind at ease, you might want to invest in a tray that’s made from solid pine wood—the changing trays at Simply Nursery are all eco friendly.

Your child is your world, and we want to keep our promise of constantly reassuring parents that their little ones will be safe with one of our changing trays. Simply Nursery provides the best furniture when it comes to your future baby’s nursery.

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