How to put up kid-friendly Halloween decor

Halloween is among everyone’s favorite celebrations. It is a time when families can get together to put up decoration around the house, make themed treats, hand make costumes and DIY decor items, and, probably the kids favorite, go trick-or-treating.

When it comes to decorating an at-home nursery or the kids’ bedroom, parents might want to avoid some mistakes, so that the lively aspect of these spaces is kept, while also getting a nice touch of Halloween. Here are some tips to get there.

Go dark, but not too much.

You can get into the theme without giving your kid nightmares.

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Leave spooky treats for the kids


Spare time for a DIY project

They can get the family together and leave your personal touch on the decoration.

How do you like this pumpkin pillow? You can learn to make it by clicking here.


Spider webs can look elegant

Let's be honest, almost anything can look elegant sitting on one of our wood shelves.


Plan the color scheme

With such elegant furniture, try to make the colors match and add up to the pre-existing pieces that integrate the room.



Hang up scary artwork


Little lighting accents make a big difference


Plants and Autumnal elements add up and bring balance

Hopefully these tips were helpful and the decoration we've put up has inspired you to style your baby's nursery or kid's room ang get them in the Halloween spirit. 

All the furniture used in the images is available and ready to ship! It can soon integrate your home, where it will last long, make spaces look beautiful and your daily life safe and functional.  

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