Modern Nursery Theme Ideas for Girls

Building your baby’s nursery is one of the most thrilling tasks of preparing for your new arrival. However, the process of designing your baby girl’s nursery can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. With seemingly limitless options available to you, narrowing down and choosing just one can be more difficult that actually putting it together. As such, before you begin, it’s crucial that you gather ideas and figure out how to make them work for you. These are a few modern nursery theme ideas for girls to get you started.

Mermaid Dreams

With bright blue waves to lure your baby to sleep, an ocean themed nursery is a wonderful way to bring the wonders of the ocean into your home. This magical design scheme provides you with unique shapes, figures, and scenes to foster a love of the sea. Whether it’s in using seashell printed wallpaper or scattering beautiful marine life across the room, this theme is perfect for those wanting a bit of magic in their child’s life.

Pastel Jungle

While a typical jungle is dark and ominous, you can still accomplish the same animal-loving environment with brighter colors. Pastel greens, browns, and pinks, in particular, make a lovely combination that complements a vivid wildlife scene. This ensures that you can encompass all the jungle has to offer in your design without it being scary. You can even further emphasize this theme by purchasing solid wood baby furniture and keeping with the natural atmosphere.

Color Pop

If you want bold pops of color throughout your design, then this might ne the theme for you. Color pop allows you to incorporate eye-catching contrast in a room by using bright, vivid colors in junction with neutral tones. This creates an area of the room that draws more attention than others and creates and ingesting contrast. You can also add a bit of excitement to the more neutral surfaces by incorporating interesting patterns and modern designs.

Flower Gardens

Floral motifs make another great addition to a baby girl’s nursery. From blossoming buds to fully grown plants, the mixture of shapes, colors, and designs makes for a naturally beautiful space. Because of the diversity of flowers as well, you have various options to choose from when deciding the room’s layout. Best of all, this theme can be applied to more than just the walls by using deep green furniture and floral artwork.

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