Nursery Décor Mistakes To Avoid

Nursery Décor Mistakes To Avoid

It’s fun for expecting parents to plan out and design their child’s nursery. From picking the wall color to deciding on the final pieces of decoration, every step toward completion is even more exciting than the last. However, while you have unlimited creative freedom during this process, there are still several things to keep in mind if you want to maximize this room’s safety and functionality. These are some common nursery décor mistakes to avoid and how they affect your baby’s environment.

Using Items With Toxic Materials

While it’s easy to think that choosing sturdy nursery furniture is enough to keep your baby safe, this isn’t the case. Certain brands of furniture and décor suffer exposure to several different types of chemicals during their manufacturing process. So by placing your baby in or near them, you may inadvertently expose them to non-natural and potentially dangerous substances that can make them sick. Make sure you’re aware of these materials before purchasing if you want to avoid this mistake.

Ignoring Electrical Cords

Unfortunately, it’s also common for new parents to overlook the loose electrical cords lying around their nursery because we tend not to perceive them as an immediate danger. However, though your baby won’t start crawling or walking for a little bit yet, there’s always a chance that they could grab something they aren’t supposed to when you aren’t looking. For this reason, always tuck cords and outlets out of reach, and limit the number of things you have plugged in at a time.

Prioritizing Style Over Practicality

Another unfortunate nursery décor mistake to avoid is choosing a piece of décor or furniture simply for how it looks. We all want our baby’s nursery to look its best, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of functionality. After all, a piece of furniture’s most vital function is to fulfill all our baby’s care needs. Therefore, if it comes down to choosing a stylish but less durable piece of furniture or a stronger one that might not be as attractive—go for quality every time.

At Simply Nursery, we believe that parents shouldn’t have to search high and low for safe, toxin-free nursery items. As such, we aim to provide only the best eco-friendly baby furniture for your home. All of our products are made with 100 percent solid wood and are specially crafted—without the use of toxic chemicals. For more information about our cribs, changing tables, and even dressers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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