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Prepping for Twins: 3 Reasons To Have Two Changing Trays

Prepping for Twins: 3 Reasons To Have Two Changing Trays

You may often hear seasoned parents say two babies create double the trouble. We prefer to think of it as two times the fun! Prepare the nursery with diaper-changing essentials as your family welcomes two bundles of joy. An ideal solution is to set up not just one but two changing trays. Here’s why prepping for twins is essential, along with three reasons to have two changing trays.

Double the Bliss, Double the To-Do List: Why Prepping for Twins Is Key!

Prepping for a baby’s arrival is exciting, but the to-do list can seem never-ending when you’re expecting twins. Between stocking up on diaper essentials and clothes and setting up the nursery, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why prepping for twins is key.

Prepping the nursery for twins ahead of time is crucial. Before welcoming your little ones into the world, you must ensure everything is ready and organized. Getting the nursery ready for twins will help you feel less stressed as you approach your due date.

Efficient and Sufficient: Why Having Two Changing Trays Is Best!

Estimate all the diaper changes one baby needs, then multiply that by two. That’s a lot of diapers per day! Setting up a stationary and portable diaper changing station in the most frequented areas of your home is a lifesaver, especially when dealing with two babies’ diaper needs. Placing a changing tray in multiple locations makes even the messiest diaper changes easier.

Divide and Conquer Diaper Stress: Why Changing Trays Are Best for Success!

Being able to multitask is a superpower, and parenting twins often requires double the superpowers. With two changing trays, each parent can change one twin at a time, making coordinating diaper changes and feeding times a breeze. Having two changing trays makes the teamwork approach possible for both parents to bond with each baby while dividing responsibilities evenly. Parents are often happier and more energized when they can work as a team.

Tailored for Twins: Changing Stations That Fit Just Right!

Every baby is unique, and twins are no exception. As you get to know your little bundles, you may find that they have different preferences when it comes to diaper changing. Maybe one twin prefers diaper-changing items on the left side, while the other likes them on the right. Whatever the case, having two changing trays means you can tailor each station to suit the needs of your little ones perfectly.

As you prepare for your twins, reflect on these three reasons for buying two changing trays instead of one. With the convenience and efficiency of multiple stations, you’ll have everything on hand to take care of both babies simultaneously and with greater ease.

Simply Nursery provides premium quality changing trays, so you aren’t struggling to find the right changing station for your bundles of joy! Get started prepping for the twins today with high-quality nursery furniture that grows with your children.


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