Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Baby Furniture

Purchasing quality, safe, and secure baby furniture is one of the most important things on a new parent’s to-do list. Not only do these pieces assist in performing basic care tasks, but they also keep a child protected when you aren’t in the room. However, not all types of furniture are good for your baby’s nursery. In fact, some materials are significantly better suited to this environment than others. These are some of the compelling reasons to choose solid wood baby furniture when preparing for your new arrival.

Easy to Clean and Restore

It’s common knowledge that wood is a highly absorbent material. It’s very susceptible to moisture and, eventually, runs the risk of developing mold. Fortunately, these pieces are easy to keep clean without the use of water, and a simple dusting can do wonders for keeping your baby’s allergies at bay. Solid wood baby furniture is also simple to restore after your baby grows out of it, making these pieces perfect gifts to hand down to future generations.

Secure and Safe

Another noteworthy reason to choose solid wood baby furniture for your nursery is that this furniture tends to be safer than plastic models. As your baby grows, they’ll begin to jump in their crib or hang on the bars. This added wear, paired with their increased weight, can result in the furniture breaking, putting your child in a dangerous situation. Solid wood, however, is naturally strong and durable. As such, it can withstand whatever abuse your baby throws at it. Solid wood cribs, changing tables, and baby crib conversion kits also aren’t as chemically treated as other furniture products, so your baby won’t come into contact with as many toxins.

Beautiful, Natural Design

Solid wood also has a gorgeous, natural appearance that allows you to bring the aesthetic of the outdoors directly into your home. Each of these furniture items is hand-carved and unique, making it a wonderful conversation piece as well as the perfect place to rest your baby’s head at night. There are even multiple types of wood to choose from, which offers you a number of options when deciding on style and color.

Better Overall Value

While solid wood materials are naturally more expensive than synthetic competitors, their longevity and strength make them well worth the price. These items last much longer, look much nicer, and keep your baby safer through their fragile first few years of life. These factors alone make solid wood baby furniture a smart investment for those wanting to save money in the long run.

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