Self-Isolating with a New Baby? Try These Practical Steps to Save Your Sanity


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Self-isolating can be thoroughly challenging and expose your household to many new sources of stress and tension. So can having a baby. And when you bring home a new baby while you’re in the midst of a self-quarantine—well, you get the idea. To help you and yours navigate these crazy times and figure out how your family can thrive both now and in the future, we’ve provided a few practical steps you can start taking today:


Oftentimes, our health and well-being are the first to go when life gets stressful, and physical activity and nutrition are two of the most essential parts of living healthy. Look for an exercise routine that you can enjoy. Not only is regular exercise a great way to release tension, but it also comes with a plethora of health benefits.

Likewise, there are countless resources available online that can help you eat better. Do your research to find healthy, delicious recipes that you can make at home. Abiding by a healthy diet will do wonders for reducing your stress levels and improving your overall health and well-being.


Any parent will tell you that happy kids make for a happy home. And let’s face it—electronics are the way to a kid’s heart. Fortunately, there are tons of gadgets that can help your child stay both entertained and active, such as fitness trackers and kid-friendly smartphones. And if you need help determining what devices are best for your child’s age, look to the wealth of information provided you can find online.


Another practical way to relieve some of the tension in your home is for you and your partner to give each other space. This is particularly helpful when you have a new baby. While managing your household requires effective teamwork, consider taking turns tending to the baby and your other children while you or your partner enjoys a few moments in solitude.

You can even give each other space when both of you have an opportunity for some downtime, such as when the kids are sleeping. One example is entertainment. One of the main reasons for watching TV is to disconnect from reality and relax. But if your partner is playing video games when you’re wanting to watch TV, or vice-versa, then it can cause tension in your relationship. In this case, consider investing in a gaming monitor so that both of you can enjoy your entertainment time. Since there are tons of monitors to choose from, be sure to read online reviews before purchasing one.

Also, keep in mind that investing in goods that are conscientious is an investment in the future. For instance, when you’re outfitting your nursery, you can invest in sustainably harvested pieces from Simply Nursery. Simply Nursery prides itself on making responsible decisions throughout manufacturing, from offering safe, quality products to being a scrupulous employer.


Finally, finances are one of the leading causes of tension in romantic relationships. And with the added stresses that come with self-isolation and having a new baby, poor management of your money can cause any number of problems. Make sure you and your partner have a solid budget in place. Your budget should include everything you need (e.g., housing, food, vehicles, etc.) and leave you enough money each month to save for the future. And as your family grows, expect that your budget will need a little tweaking.

There’s no getting around it—welcoming a new baby into the world when you’re self-quarantining will come with its share of stress and tension. However, you don’t have to let it keep you from savoring this special time in your lives. Reduce the stress and ease the tension by looking after your health and well-being, making sure your kids are entertained, allowing each other time for decompressing, and fostering your finances. And try your best to live in the present!




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