Should You Hang or Fold Your Baby’s Onesies?

Should You Hang or Fold Your Baby’s Onesies?

Should you hang or fold your baby’s onesies? Everyone has their method, so there’s no singular or proper answer. However, we do have a response to the question should you hang or fold your baby’s onesies? Our answer is always to fold them. As you go through the onesies, you’re going to do more sorting through dressers than hangers.

Storing Onesies Close by Is Helpful

As a parent-to-be, you’re going to go through onesies daily, so it’s a good idea to keep onesies stored close by in case of accidents such as spit-up or dirty diapers. That way, you can get a clean one right away.

Always keep your baby’s onesies in the top drawer of the dresser. If your little one isn’t in the nursery, keep some onesies in cubbies in the living room, your bedroom, and the bathroom. Always remember, keep onesies in the top dresser drawer for easy access.

Folding Can Save Space

In order to keep an organized chest of drawers for the baby room, neatly fold each onesie into separate piles, divide them with barriers and label them. Dividing and labeling save time and energy when sorting through them in the morning.

Pro Tip: it’s better to fold onesies in the same way you’d fold files. That way, you can keep everything streamlined. Since they’ll be in the top drawer, the onesies will always be within eyesight so you can quickly grab them when your baby needs to be changed.

Hanging Onesies Takes Time

You have a busy life, and having to sort through piles of laundry can tire you out, especially during the first few months of a baby’s life. Don’t hang each onesie, as it eats away at the precious time you don’t have during the day.

Instead of hanging them, create piles and put them into a dresser drawer to save you time. Or, place the onesies into a basket if you don’t have time to put them into a drawer.

Only Hang a Few Onesies

We enjoy the convenience of having more than enough space in our bedroom; it helps prevent stress and allows for easier organization when things are neatly separated. When you’re hanging onesies in a closet, do it by season and match them up with other outfits.

The only time to hang onesies is for special events or by season.

As a mom, it’s sometimes hard to sort through all of those adorable onesies. However, having an organization plan goes a long way. There’s another reason you should fold the onesies instead of hanging them: you’ll have easier access to show them off to friends and family. At Simply Nursery, we provide your baby’s nursery with natural wood dressers that contain enough space to keep your baby’s onesies organized.

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