Solid Wood Baby Cribs vs Metal Nursery Cribs

Your new bundle of joy deserves a world of safety, comfort, and love. What better way to introduce them to the world than with their nursery room set? Finding the correct type of crib suitable for your baby is difficult. Here’s our quick comparison guide on solid wood baby cribs and metal nursery cribs.

The Pros of Solid Wood Cribs

Wood baby furniture comes with many pros. Even though metal cribs are a great option, wooden cribs are seen as more functional to use, and they even convert to more extensive beds as your child grows. A convertible solid wood baby crib from Simply Nursery helps begin the process of curating a nursery that will eventually transform into other functions for your child’s room.

Wooden cribs also have plenty of storage space. Aside from buying furniture pieces separately, solid wooden baby cribs often come in sets to help keep all the essentials organized.

One final perk of having all-natural wooden baby furniture is they come in many different styles. Don't let your baby sleep in a nursery that’s missing an element for their nursery theme. Simply Nursery provides you with all the basic types and colors you need to help your baby's nursery stand out.

The Cons of Solid Wood Baby Cribs

The only con of solid wood baby cribs is they aren't as durable as metal baby cribs. Although wood is stable, it doesn't compare to the strength of metal nursery cribs. For example, a wood's surface can scratch easier, but furniture markers can help address that issue.

The Pros of Metal Nursery Cribs

Metal nursery cribs hold many benefits, one of which is elegance. There is something about metal frames that makes any nursery feel modern and classy. Even though choices are slim, metal cribs are available in many colors and styles.

One last pro for metal nursery cribs is their fantastic durability. Iron cribs are more indestructible than wooden ones. Metal nursery cribs offer functional designs to work with your child, and they won't fall apart as easily.

The Cons of Metal Nursery Cribs

Even though metal cribs seem like a good option, the choices are, unfortunately, limited. The only two choices available for metal cribs are antique and classic, and they don’t convert to grow with your child. They also cost more than natural wood baby cribs. Usually, parents will usually choose a metal crib for its heirloom traits rather than convertibility and cost compared to wooden cribs.

No matter what sort of crib you choose for your little one, it's always going to be based on what you feel is the right choice. Through Simply Nursery, you'll find the right wooden baby furniture to help get your nursery ready for your bundle of joy. Even when comparing solid wood cribs and metal nursery cribs, the choice is ultimately yours.

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