Solutions For Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Solutions For Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Infants often wake up during the night, and losing sleep is something that all parents go through as a result. However, there are steps you can take to encourage your child to progress into a more consistent sleep pattern as they grow. With that in mind, we offer some solutions for helping your baby sleep through the night here.

Set a Consistent Routine

When you set a consistent bedtime routine for your baby, you’ll be able to better ease them to sleep over time. You can do this by calming them with soft music, reading to them from a book, or doing any number of slow, peaceful activities to prepare them for the night. Try to go through these activities at around the same time each evening. Then, when you notice your baby is getting drowsy, place them down in their crib while they’re still awake. This will help them become used to this environment, and they’ll start to associate it with sleep.

Taper Off Night Feedings

Initially, feeding your baby several times during the night will be necessary. As they become older, though, you should taper off night feedings little by little. You can talk to your doctor about when to begin doing this. Generally, when babies are around three months old, they won’t need to feed in one or two-hour intervals anymore. Decreasing the frequency of night feedings will prevent your child from linking sleep with feedings. They’ll also learn to become comfortable with going longer periods without feeding at night as well. So, you won’t need to feed them to help them fall asleep every time they wake up.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Creating a soothing atmosphere in the nursery room where your baby sleeps is also important. The nice thing about this solution for helping your baby sleep through the night is that you can start working on it before your baby arrives home. Afterward, you won’t need to worry about making tweaks to the nursery while you have your hands full taking care of your young child.

What makes for a tranquil ambiance, though? Darkness is one of the main things to ensure since this will naturally help them rest better. Consider getting darkening shades for the nursery to block out light from outside. Also, keep everything quiet in the room because even small sounds can be enough to disturb your baby. A comfortable and secure crib will also help your baby get a good night’s sleep. On top of providing a specific place to sleep, the crib will also allow your baby to develop self-soothing skills since you won’t be right next to them at all times. This is pivotal when you want them to sleep well through the night without as much intervention on your part.

Your child deserves the best when it comes to their crib. That’s why you should seek out the natural wood baby cribs that Simply Nursery provides. Our cribs are aesthetically calming with their neutral colors and elegant designs. They’re also very sturdy, ensuring you never feel worried about your baby’s safety during the night.

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