Splurge-Worthy Nursery Essentials To Buy

Splurge-Worthy Nursery Essentials To Buy

Friends and family may have an opinion on which items are great to splurge on, but you can also have a say! There are many things to buy, but you may need to skip over some items, such as a push walker. While these walkers are great fun for the firstborn, they may become nonexistent or uninteresting with the second or third. Here are five splurge-worthy nursery essentials to buy.

Smart Baby Monitor

You should have a baby monitor; having one is crucial to keeping an eye on your baby as they nap. A smart baby monitor has video and audio streaming features. Parents can check in on their infant through the monitor’s app, so they don’t have to enter the nursery and risk waking their little one.

Bouncy Chair

A bouncy chair is another good item for new parents to splurge on. Instead of laying a blanket out for your baby, your child can sit in their seat and play while the chair moves to their movement. The chair gently rocks your infant, so you can keep your hands free. Also, it’s portable! If you have to travel somewhere soon and don’t want your infant to lie on the floor, bring the bouncy chair for hours of fun.


A stroller is necessary for any parent. A stroller is one of the best items to add to your baby shower registry or gift yourself later. While it might seem like an investment to think about later, other brands are less expensive and still come with great features. Many brands pride themselves on offering strollers with impeccable design features, like convertibility. Convertibility is necessary, even if you don’t want to buy bigger strollers because your infant no longer fits in them.

Crib Mattress

A comfortable crib needs a comfy mattress. Babies might not sleep well because their beds are uncomfortable. The padding you buy for the crib should have the correct dimensions and be firm. A high-quality mattress is also breathable, so the baby’s airflow isn’t restricted if they roll onto their stomach. Also, measure the crib before purchasing a mattress to ensure it fits.

Nursery Set

A nursery set is one of the bigger ticket splurge-worthy nursery essentials to buy. It might make sense to buy a crib, changing table, and a nursery chest of drawers separately, but not all of them grow with your infant. Instead of buying one item each, buy a complete bedroom set. A full nursery set features a crib, dresser, and changing pad—everything you need to set up the nursery while saving money.

You need the right items to appropriately set up your nursery, but not every item can grow with your infant. Simply Nursery offers furniture sets that grow with your infant and are worth every penny. Our solid wood nursery set comes handmade from rehabilitated Brazilian forests. Every item is eco-friendly and grows with your child. Create a happier nursery full of love, laughter, and splurge-worthy elements with Simply Nursery.

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