Stations You Need for an Organized Nursery

Stations You Need for an Organized Nursery

Having a baby is magical; from the nursery planning to preparing for the first night in the hospital, there is much to do, but you can have fun doing it. You have a lot to decide, so consider the nursery’s available space as you think about what furniture to buy. With the space in mind, here are three stations you need for an organized nursery.

Create a Nursing Station

A nursing station is essential for privacy during feedings. If you don’t have much privacy in the rest of the house, dedicate a small corner as your nursing station. The nursing area could have an end table to store your water bottle, remind yourself to drink water while breastfeeding, or store baby formula.

Don’t just put in a table; add an ottoman to put your feet up. Consider buying one with storage so you have extra organizational space. Ensure you get a caddy to store other essential nursing tools, like a nursing pillow or spare bottles.

Design a Diaper Corner

A diaper corner is a good idea for your nursery! Consider turning a nook into a diaper-changing station. The station can have a dresser or changing table and storage areas for the essentials like wipes, diapers, and onesies. If the changing table or dressers are small enough, you can place baskets around either to store the diapers. You might even use dividers to keep everything separated. Don’t forget to add a hamper for clothes and a small garbage can for used diapers!

Make a Postpartum Recovery Area

This area is all about you! A new parent needs a space to recover from postpartum. It’s a long journey after returning from the hospital, but you can do it! For this little corner of your nursery, create a basket full of special creams, clothing, and medication to ease postpartum symptoms. Don’t forget to throw in a “just because” item for yourself.

After deciding the stations you need for an organized nursery, you’re ready to take on the rest of this pregnancy journey. Don’t forget to add a nursery end table while designing these stations, as it keeps things organized while caring for the baby. Simply Nursery is here to design a comfortable and peaceful nursery for both the baby and the parent.

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