The Basics of Choosing the Right Size Crib for Your Baby

The Basics of Choosing the Right Size Crib for Your Baby

Yay! Congratulations all around for the expecting couple. Whether you’re close to your due date or just found out the wonderful news, you may not know the basics of choosing the right size crib for the baby. But that’s okay, because we’re here to help you learn.

When Should You Buy a Crib?

Many couples like to be prepared, so they hurry to the store and buy items earlier than they need to. However, if you buy the minute you find out you’re pregnant, you may regret your purchase.

So when is the right time to buy a crib? The answer is at least two weeks before your due date, although one to two months in advance is even better. That way, you have time to figure out if the crib the right style or color for the baby’s room.

Let’s keep going and find out more about the basics of choosing the right size crib for your baby.

The Crib Style

The most important crib feature at the top of your list is likely the style. A crib’s style defines the room, and its design—including the material the manufacturer used—also matters. For instance, a solid wood baby crib works with every style, including rustic and modern. Metal usually doesn’t look as good. Furthermore, rounded cribs tend to take up more space and eventually become too much to handle. So stick with a functional crib made from a long-lasting, natural material.

The Budget

The other big thing to consider is your budget. Some people don’t mind secondhand items, but if a crib is was manufactured before 2010, parts might be hard to obtain, or they may no longer exist. All in all, when you can, always purchase new without spending more money than you can afford.

Furthermore, safety is essential, so when you’re checking out cheaper options, read the reviews for the pros and cons, ensure the crib has updated safety features, and make sure it comes with a warranty.

The Features

You want the crib to function well, and you like style. Luckily, with modern cribs, you get both. If you plan to reuse your crib for future children, Simply Nursery offers wooden cribs that can grow with your little one. In other words, the cradle can convert from a simple crib all the way up to a full-size bed.

We think we know the answer to the crib type for which you’ve searched high and low. Simply Nursery offers not only state-of-the-art cribs for a baby’s bedroom but also plenty of other furniture pieces to get your little one’s room set up. As you explore our site, don’t forget to write down your favorite items and order them when you’re ready.

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