The Best Tips for Designing a Nursery

The Best Tips for Designing a Nursery

As a new parent-to-be, you need to prepare the nursery with the right furniture, paint color, and decorations. Also, you need to find innovative ways to make the nursery safe. As you get ready for the baby to arrive, we recommend having the baby's room prepared by the time you reach thirty-six weeks. Here's a list of the best tips for designing a nursery.

Get a Changing Table for Easy Access

When everything's within arm's reach of the changing table, you can ensure the baby doesn't roll over and harm themselves if you walk away to grab something. Keep everything within arm's reach by purchasing a dresser or diaper-changing table. That way, everything will be organized and ready for you to grab.

Keep the Furniture Simple

If you want simplicity in the nursery, purchase a baby room furniture set that’s practical and work with your child. As they grow, their bedroom sets need to change. So, instead of buying and changing out furniture every few years, get a set that's sustainable, affordable, and that can get updated as your child grows. You can get one of these fantastic sets at Simply Nursery.

Balance Out Form and Function

When you’re deciding which room of your house the nursery should be, pick one that’s functional and can transition to different usages as your child grows. For example, if the nursery shares space with an office, transition your child to a bigger room when they’re big enough so they’ll have more space to grow. You can reclaim your office.

Use Soft Colors and Adaptable Décor

As your nursery comes together, consider the paint color and the style of decorations. Having bright colors is fun, but it can be overstimulating for a child. It's better to go with a neutral-toned color, such as lavender, light blue, or even gray. Such colors are fun and stimulating for the child.

Get adaptable and versatile room decorations. Ornamentation can range from wall stickers to bedroom furniture. You won't need to worry about toys, as they can often get replaced. However, getting furniture and décor that can be updated as your child grows saves you from purchasing new sets.

Being a new parent is exciting, and we at Simply Nursery want to help guide you along this exciting venture. After reading tips for designing a nursery, take this time to relish in the process of building a nursery for your bundle of joy.

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