The Difference Between Nursery Dressers and Changing Tables

You have a lot to buy for your baby’s bedroom, but you might get hung up when it comes time to purchase a nursery dresser or changing table. While both are viable options to use for changing your baby, only one can serve multiple purposes. Take a look at our blog to learn the difference between nursery dressers and changing tables.

Changing Tables

It can be hard to know the intent for either a changing table or a dresser. The biggest thing to know about changing tables is that they are more commonly purchased because their purpose is clearly explained in their name. However, that’s typically the only reason they exist—to change a baby and store essentials like wipes, diapers, creams, powders, and toys to distract your infant. You might think you only want a changing table, but before you buy one, consider the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage is that changing tables are convenient. Showcasing exceptional open-shelving, changing tables make it efficient to grab what you need, even in a hurry. Also, they are safe to use. Babies won’t wiggle their way off the table or grab things within arm's reach.

There is a downside to changing tables—they take up space and are only useful for a short period of your child’s life. Your baby might only use the table until they’re potty-trained. After potty training, what happens with the changing table? You might want to consider that before adding this item to your baby registry.

Nursery Dressers

You could always use a dresser for extra storage, making it a great addition for the nursery. If you have reservations about storage space, you might be shocked to know that dressers store more than you think. You can use dividers to easily store all you need, from clothes to diaper bag essentials. Let’s see what the pros and cons are for nursery dressers.

The Pros and Cons

A dresser is cost-efficient; it’s not temporary and works for every stage of your child’s life. Instead of investing in temporary furniture like a changing table, parents can reuse the dresser for their own use.

The downside to nursery dressers is that they don’t have raised edges, which changing tables do. Even though this is a disadvantage, it is fixable by buying a changing tray for your infant to lay on during changes.

Should You Use a Dresser or Changing Table for the Nursery?

As is usually the case, the right decision comes down to your needs. Whether you plan to spend more to get a piece of furniture with multiple uses or an item that helps with essential storage, it’s always best to choose a piece that you believe will work best for you and your family.

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