The Importance of Replacing Your Nursery Furniture

The Importance of Replacing Your Nursery Furniture

New specifications and rules come up every few years for nursery sets, and consumers need to know what gear is safe to have—and what’s not. Let’s hop into the importance of replacing your nursery furniture.

The Dangers of Old Cribs

Old cribs are what they are: old. And they’re simply not acceptable to use. The equipment your family gave you or bought from a secondhand store is outdated and unsafe. Here are the things you need to look for with outdated cribs:

  • Corner posts
  • Slats that are too wide
  • Decorative holes

With newer regulations, we now know these parts pose significant dangers to children.

How To Know If You Have an Outdated Crib

One of the key ways to know if your crib is outdated is if it’s more than 10 years old. Crib models from more than 10 years ago are no longer manufactured, and the safety risks they pose rise because no extra parts are available to fix any issues.

Safety Requirements

Anything made before 2010 is generally unsafe. Manufacturers need to meet new regulations before releasing any new sets of equipment. These new rules require the gear to be manufactured with better materials, such as wood. Solid wood nursery sets create better sleep environments for children since they:

  • Are made with a quality material
  • Are not made with toxins
  • Use better hardware
  • Use stronger slats


The furniture market is in high demand these days, and unfortunately, many furniture-makers have chosen to use methods that damage forests and that use unsafe toxins such as VOCs. Before purchasing nursery furniture, you need to know where the products come from and how they’re made. An honest manufacturer that knows where its products come from is a better match than one that imports supplies filled with unsafe chemicals.

Additionally, the manufacturing process should meet state and national guidelines and regulations. Cribs must also have a Greenguard Gold Certification attached to show that their practices are sustainable and that the products completed tests for toxin emissions levels.

As you learn about the importance of replacing old baby furniture, it’s essential to find companies with eco-friendly practices. Create a more sustainable environment for your infant with furniture from Simply Nursery. Simply Nursery makes wooden bedroom sets free from VOCs and other harmful toxins. For more ways to create a safe, environmentally friendly room for the baby, look through our website.

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