Things To Look for When Buying a Nursery Set

Preparations are vital to having a fully functional nursery before the baby arrives. You may find yourself stuck on countless websites looking for separate nursery items, when realistically, you’ll save more when buying a nursery set. Parent, save more with a baby room set that grows with your child. Here are the things to look for in your search.

Searching for Safety in Nursery Furniture

Safety features are of the utmost importance when searching for bedroom sets. One thing to look into is manufacturing. Items manufactured in fast-shop stores and questionable places will involve harmful chemicals in their creation process. One thing made with toxins is cribs.

What Harmful Chemicals Do Manufacturers Use on Cribs?

Cribs manufactured in large warehouses use chemicals like PVC and phthalates, and both pose significant harm to a child. These compounds cause allergies and other problems in children later in life. Another item used is formaldehyde; formaldehyde, like the others, produces a strong odor and causes asthma.

You May Desire Functionality in Furniture

A functional piece creates a much more desirable room. When shopping for your child, you need adaptable and practical furniture. Without a changing table or dresser, there’d be nowhere to place a changing tray. Ensure the bedroom has functional parts, such as what nursery sets include:

  • Changing tray
  • Crib
  • Crib converter kit
  • Dresser

Portability Must Be an Option

For families that move often, they need furniture that’s collapsible and ready to carry with them, especially the crib. Thankfully, a nursery set includes stuff that can go wherever you need them, even in a new space.

However, buying a pack-and-play pen would work best if you need a crib for on-the-go since it is easy to assemble and take apart. Keep in mind that changing pads work well with portable items.

Furniture Should Be Easy To Clean

The major downside to used baby furniture isn’t only that it’s old and dirty, but that it isn’t easy to clean. You should discard furniture with stains, odors, and material that doesn’t stay clean. It’s best to buy new, but if you need to buy secondhand, go to a baby-centered thrift store for the furnishing that’s no more than two to three years old.

Is the Nursery Set Budget-Friendly?

Setting a budget is challenging, and it’s easy not to stick to the amount you initially planned. For starters, you may spend most of the budget on clothes, but without enough storage space, you will be sorting through everything for a while. Instead of spending more on clothes or decorations, do so on furniture. Furniture is functional and can adapt to changes, while decorations and clothes are temporary.

Nursery sets include a dresser to keep all necessities organized while supplying a convertible bed that’ll save more on buying another bed later. Look for nursery sets that give you a bigger bang for your buck.

Babies Need To Be Comfortable, Too

Aside from creating the cutest baby room, you must meet the baby’s comfort needs. The baby won't feel satisfied without meeting necessities, such as a comfortable mattress or a side table for organization.

Remember that the furniture you buy should come from an organic manufacturer and seller. Organic sellers and manufacturers keep not only sustainability but also the health and well-being of children in mind. The best furniture comes from organic materials, such as wood from renewable forests.

Tips for Buying Nursery Furniture Sets

The biggest takeaway from here, parent, is that you get the right tips for buying nursery furniture sets as one of the main things to look for when buying a nursery set. As you narrow your search, start considering what furniture you’re looking for right now and if you could spare purchasing individual pieces for complete sets.

Buy Sets Instead of Single Pieces

Individual pieces cost more when bought separately. Buying a nursery set with all the necessary details saves more money. Additionally, you have all the setup parts needed to assemble. A good thing about sets is that they don’t give you too much. They typically include the basics, such as a changing table, crib, dresser, and a changing tray if needed.

Look for Sets With Available Features

Many sets come with features that some individual pieces might miss out on. One thing to mention is the removable changing topper and adjustable mattress height on the crib.

Buy Furniture Pieces That Fit the Room

Every room’s different, and nursery sets fit every room. There’s no limit to the space or theme that the groups could work with. A complete bedroom nursery set is the right choice if you need something simple to fit the room.

Always Look at Safety First

Safety’s an essential thing, even with nursery furniture. Drop-sides harm a child if they lean or pull on the bar too much. Safety features you should look for include safety straps for buckling your child while changing them, as well as a crib with no drop-side.

Buy Furniture That Lasts

A timeless nursery needs furnishing that lasts. It not only survives but is made with lasting materials that extend the furniture's lifespan. Focus on buying fixtures that last a long time. You could use the gear in other rooms later, such as the crib or dresser.

Some other furniture to consider buying for a timeless nursery include:

  • Side table
  • Rocking chair
  • Crib storage
  • Closet mounting system

While you find your desired nursery set, ensure that you have these tips in mind when shopping. These suggestions will help you sort through and understand what you’re looking for in every furniture piece. Remember—comfortability and safety are two crucial elements that you can find in a nursery furniture set.

Every new parent wonders about furniture. You may want to buy one piece at a time, but buying a set is better. When spending, ensure it’s on durable furnishings that last a long time and are sustainable. Simply Nursery provides families with furniture sets made from renewable Brazilian forests. The wood we use to make the nursery sets are non-toxic and made in a chemical-free environment. Sustainable nursery sets are sure to create a nursery that’s fun and safe for babies to thrive in.

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