Tips for Cleaning a Wooden Baby Crib

Wooden cribs are some of the most reliable pieces of furniture we could have in our baby’s nursery. However, as durable as they are, even they need a thorough cleaning once in a while. Otherwise, you risk exposing your newborn to germs that can potentially make them sick. Use these tips for cleaning a wooden baby crib to ensure this space is as safe and hygienic as possible.

Remove Bedding Before Cleaning

First and foremost, before cleaning the wooden frame itself, make sure you remove any bedding or soft fabric from the crib. You want items out of the way during the cleaning process so that they don’t come into contact with the cleaning solution. If these pieces of bedding material are also due for a cleaning, you can either run them through the washer or spot treat them with soap and water.

Wash With a Mixture of Soap and Water

Once you’ve set everything aside, it’s time to mix your cleaning solution and start wiping down your furniture. There are several effective recipes for this mixture, but to avoid exposing your baby to unnecessary toxins and chemicals, you're better off using a gentle soap and hot water. Many people also use specialized wood cleaners on these cribs, but it’s crucial that you wipe it all off before letting your child near it. After combining the soap and water, dampen a soft cloth and gently wipe down the crib frame. Natural wood baby cribs can be very absorbent, so limit the amount of moisture you’re exposing it to.

Use a Hard-Bristled Brush To Remove Grime

If you notice a few particularly sticky spots, you can switch over to a hard-bristled brush and gently scrub them away. Make sure that you aren’t pressing too hard on the surface, as this could cause the material to start deteriorating. Instead, brush the cleaner over the spot lightly, moving up and down until it’s gone.

Vacuum Regularly for Proper Upkeep

Another vital tip for cleaning a wooden baby crib is to regularly vacuum up any crumbs or dust that may collect in and around it. This is a great way to cut back on the number of deep cleanings you’ll need to perform while still maintaining a sanitary setting for your child to sleep. The more you keep up with this, the less likely it is that your crib will become stained and need a full scrubbing. Less frequent cleanings will actually be better for the item in the long run, as you’ll avoid exposing it to too much moisture.

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