Tips for Finding the Right Changing Tray for Your Baby

Tips for Finding the Right Changing Tray for Your Baby

Hi, parents-to-be. It’s great to see you here again! Let’s discuss finding the best changing tray for your little one. You should expect to change a newborn close to ten times a day and less often for older babies. Finding a suitable changing tray is hard if you don’t know what to look for first. Here are tips for finding the right changing tray for your baby.

Check That the Tray Fits

To know if a tray fits in the bedroom—and not just the style—you need to measure the space. Since the tray’s removable, you’ll need to measure the top of the dresser to find a good match.

The changing tray won’t sit well if the dresser’s top is small, so compare the measurements in the item’s description with yours before buying. Every manufacturer builds trays differently, so researching everything you need to know about changing trays helps you avoid trying to make something work that doesn’t.

The Many Uses of a Changing Tray

Focus on designs that work with the surface you plan to put the changing tray on. A good, contoured tray has room for a changing pad. Look for a contoured style, and keep in mind the tray’s placement. Never set it on a couch or the floor—always place it on a hard, flat surface, away from a window.

A tray with storage compartments makes for a perfect addition to the nursery. It allows for easier access to essentials like baby lotion, diapers, wipes, etc. It will make the tray more functional and a better addition to your changing area.

Look For Safety Features

Babies might wiggle around more on a standard changing table as they try to find a comfortable position. To prevent your little one from moving all over the place, having a wooden baby changing tray is a game-changer for many parents who want their child to stay safe.

The safety features needed include a flat surface with sides that prevent a baby from falling or rolling off. Portability is a must for some circumstances; if the tray can’t travel to other areas of the house or grandma and grandpa’s, it will not be a good fit.

Get a Good Changing Pad

Don't forget the changing pad when purchasing a changing tray for your little one. Select a tray pad with cushioning around the sides, edges, and top—additionally, the part your little one lays on should be comfortable.

There are two types of pads to choose from: adjustable restraint and anchoring straps. The elastic straps prevent the baby from moving, and the anchor hooks to the dresser. Always opt for a changing pad with straps to help keep the baby still during changes and cleaning.

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