Using Statement Pieces To Elevate Your Baby's Nursery Design

Using Statement Pieces To Elevate Your Baby's Nursery Design

Having a baby and designing your home nursery are some of life's most exciting experiences. Despite the excitement of welcoming a new child into your family, figuring out design outlines can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can decorate the nursery however you want.

Your newborn will spend most of their first months of life in the nursery, so it should be a place of comfort. You can elevate your baby’s nursery design by incorporating statement pieces.

Choose the Perfect Crib

The crib is usually the focal point of the baby's room, so choose a style that meets your needs and matches the theme of the room. Consider a crib with a unique design to make it stand out even more. However, make sure the crib you buy meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards to keep your newborn safe.

Hang an Eye-Catching Mobile

A mobile stimulates the baby’s senses and makes a great statement piece. Choose a colorful mobile that fits your nursery's theme or one that contrasts with the color of the walls. A mobile is one of the first things your baby will see when waking up, and it is a great tool to introduce them to this wondrous world.

Add a Playful Rug

A statement rug can tie the whole room together. Consider adding a rug with bright colors or bold patterns to enhance the nursery design. Look for soft and snuggly rugs to give your baby a cushiony play area when they’re out of their crib. Look for playful prints and designs that add excitement to the room.

Incorporate Unique Wall Art

Create a focal point for the nursery by featuring a unique art piece. Wall art is an excellent way to display your creativity in the nursery while enhancing the atmosphere. You could choose a whimsical painting, a vintage poster, or colorful decals related to newborns!

Add a Comfy Seating Area

A cozy chair or glider will enhance the nursery by adding comfort for you. A seating area is the perfect place to relax and snuggle with their baby while feeding or bonding. Look for a unique statement chair in a bold color to add your own personality to your nursery.

Using statement pieces in your baby’s nursery can elevate its design. In the end, you should create a safe environment for your infant to grow. Adding fun decorations can help the room feel complete, and purchasing non-toxic baby furniture can pull the room together. Simply Nursery has stylish handmade furniture from rehabilitated Brazilian forests with baby and parent in mind. Create a timeless space with Simply Nursery, where every nursery idea becomes known.

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