Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe During Diaper Changes

Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe During Diaper Changes

From the day they’re born, babies require a lot of diaper changes. However, once babies reach a certain age, they don’t particularly enjoy diaper changes because, let’s face it, they’re not very fun for anyone involved! For decades, caregivers have been trying to think of unique ways to keep their children preoccupied during these necessary periods of the day. Distracting your little one is also a way to keep your baby safe during diaper changes. Let’s explore some of the most effective ways to manage a squirmy baby during changing time.

Prepare in Advance

When it comes to diaper changes, you want to get in and get out. In other words, there’s no time for dawdling or fiddling with diaper changing materials. Before you set your baby down on the changing mat, be sure to lay out wipes, cream, and a clean diaper. If you have all the necessary components lined up and ready to go, you’ll be able to significantly streamline the diaper changing process.

Similarly, once your baby can roll over or becomes mobile, it’s important to make diaper changes as efficient as possible. After changing thousands of diapers, you can probably do it with your eyes closed, so rely on muscle memory to quickly put on a fresh one. However, don’t forget to wipe thoroughly and apply diaper cream to avoid an unwanted rash or irritation, and always use the safety strap to buckle baby in place.

Provide Entertainment

To keep your baby’s mind off the fact that they’re immobilized on their back, it’s helpful to provide a few distractions. A soft, colorful stuffed animal is a great option, because it won’t harm your little one if they accidentally drop it on their face while lying down. If you’re in a pinch, even a clean diaper can be fascinating for a few minutes.

To keep your baby safe during diaper changes, you can also occupy them by singing songs. If you always sing a certain song during changing time, your baby will eventually pick up on the pattern and try to sing along as they get older. A familiar tune should provide enough distraction to safely swap diapers.

Create a Designated Changing Area

Your nursery should include a designated changing area to keep your child comfortable and secure. Typically, parents or caregivers use a changing tray placed on top of a dresser. Many trays are split into two sections—a padded side where the baby rests and a side where you can store frequently used diaper changing materials.

By changing your baby in an area specifically designed for the activity, you can be confident your little one is safe and always supervised. When you need to perform a diaper change outside the home, do your best to recreate a similar environment.

At Simply Nursery, we offer a range of natural wood changing trays designed to keep you organized. You can choose the style that best fits the theme of your nursery and enjoy an eco-friendly, durable, safe space for diaper changes.

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