Ways To Keep Your Newborn Calm in Their Nursery

Ways To Keep Your Newborn Calm in Their Nursery

Parents of a newborn know to expect fussy moments throughout the day, nearly constant feedings and diaper changes, and many sleepless nights. With such an unpredictable schedule, it’s vitally important to create a peaceful environment for your child to grow and develop. Plus, a tranquil space allows your little one to get precious, uninterrupted sleep, which is particularly important during the first few months of life. Fortunately, you can create a serene space for your little bundle of joy by making thoughtful design choices such as soothing colors and soft lighting. Explore these ways to keep your newborn calm in their nursery and enjoy the quiet moments between you and your precious child.

Peaceful Colors

Decorating your nursery in peaceful colors is the first step in creating a tranquil environment for your newborn. Soothing neutrals and light earthy tones, such as pale blue, pale green, and gray, promote ideal sleeping conditions. In contrast, bright colors, such as neon orange or hot pink, are overstimulating and distracting for babies. It can be tempting to incorporate a lot of fun colors and bold patterns when you’re designing your dream nursery, but babies thrive in more minimalistic surroundings.

Although neutral colors are best for babies, it doesn’t mean your nursery has to look as sterile as a hospital room. You can still incorporate warmth through warm tones and wood elements. You can also use blankets and pillows to introduce different textures for an extra cozy vibe. Decorating with calming colors is an easy way to create the peaceful space your newborn craves. Keep in mind that you can still incorporate bright colors using smaller accent pieces if you love such bold shades. However, the room should predominately feature peaceful hues to ensure the colors aren’t overwhelming.

Cozy Seating Area

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your child’s nursery, it’s important to create a cozy seating area where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Your baby can sense if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, so maintaining a calm demeanor will also keep your little one’s emotions in check. While you’re feeding, reading books, or simply rocking your baby, you want to enjoy your surroundings. Invest in a high-quality glider or rocking chair with a matching ottoman for maximum comfort. Make sure your chair isn’t directly under the ceiling vent if possible. You don’t want hot or cold air constantly blowing on your baby, otherwise, it will be difficult for them to regulate their temperature.

Don’t forget to add comfortable pillows and blankets to your sitting area. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in this area of the nursery, you’ll want to feel as secure as possible. During the first few months of your child’s life, when demands on your time are nearly constant, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being. By making sure you’re relaxed and comfortable, you help your newborn also feel calm.

Soothing White Noise

There’s a reason why so many add a noise machine to their baby registry. In general, babies (and adults) sleep better when the room is full of soothing white noise. As a newborn, your little one is prone to waking up abruptly and immediately crying, because they don’t know where they are or why they’re alone. However, your little one will typically drift back to sleep on their own if they associate sleep with gentle, familiar noises early on.

As a new parent, your child’s ability to self-soothe is essential. You won’t need to wake up every time your little one stirs, so you can enjoy a longer stretch of precious rest. After creating a nursery that incorporates soothing sounds your baby is familiar with, you can use a portable white noise machine for naps outside the home. By associating sleep with the peaceful sounds of the noise machine, your child should doze off no matter where you are.

Soft Lighting

Adding soft lighting sources is another way to keep your newborn calm in their nursery. Fluorescent or LED lightbulbs are too harsh for calming environments. Avoid overhead lighting when possible and choose table lamps with low-wattage bulbs. Bright lights will stimulate a baby and may prevent them from sleeping, so you want to fill their nursery with as much soft, warm light as possible.

In areas where you’ll be spending a lot of time, such as the changing table or cozy seating area mentioned above, consider investing in a small task lamp that has an ambient light setting. You can keep your baby drowsy with low lighting when you’re doing a diaper change or feeding in the middle of the night. Thoughtfully consider the lighting sources and avoid anything too bright to create a nurturing presence throughout your little one’s nursery. During the day, natural light is always the best option, so open the blinds and let the sunshine do most of the work.

Thoughtful Storage

Babies come with a lot of stuff, so it’s important to keep all the essential gadgets both easily accessible and organized. A peaceful nursery is a clutter-free nursery, so purchase aesthetically pleasing shelving and storage bins to organize your little one’s toys, books, and stuffed animals. Make sure every item in the nursery has a designated home, so you can easily stay on top of any potential messes. You can quickly clean up at the end of a tummy time or reading session if you know exactly where everything goes.

Thoughtful storage solutions will translate to a more functional and organized nursery. Avoid a cluttered environment as much as possible to create a calming space for your baby. Plus, a clean room will help you feel less frazzled during those demanding newborn days. You can focus on more important things (like baby snuggles!) if you know your surroundings are in order.

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Ways To Keep Your Newborn Calm in Their Nursery

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