Ways To Maximize Space in Your Small Nursery

Ways To Maximize Space in Your Small Nursery

There’s a lot of essentials to keep in your baby’s nursery. Unfortunately, nurseries are often some of the smallest rooms in homes. As such, it can feel like no matter how hard you try to rearrange things, it still feels cramped and difficult to use. For this reason, it’s important to try a few new strategies for designing your child’s space in order to get the most out of it. These are a few effective ways to maximize space in your small nursery.

Utilize Your Wall Space

With so many items taking up a substantial footprint in your nursery, moving some of it onto your walls is one of the best ways to generate more floor space. Best of all, you even have several different options for how to do it. Over-the-door storage compartments, hangable baskets, and shelving mounts make this process easy to accomplish and beautiful when finished. Experiment with the method that works most effectively for your room.

Incorporate Stackable Cubes and Shelves

Designing the room with stackable storage solutions is also a helpful way to maximize space in your small nursery. These items don’t seem to hold much on their own, but stacking three or more storage cubes can create a colorful shelving unit for all of your child’s belongings. Because they can be securely fastened to one another, there’s little risk of them falling down, and you can always add more to accommodate additional items. Stackable shelving products are also lightweight and easy to rearrange as you like, so switching them out as your child grows won’t be a problem.

Buy Compact Furniture for Storage

You can also increase the amount of storage space you have by purchasing compact storage furniture. Baby nursery chests of drawers, for instance, are light and small, but they contain several deep drawers to properly house all your child’s clothing and care items. This keeps everything neatly organized and confined without taking up the extra room along the floor. You can also purchase cribs and changing tables with built-in storage solutions to conserve even more space.

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