What Items Can You Keep in Your Baby’s Crib?

What Items Can You Keep in Your Baby’s Crib?

Every parent struggles to learn what is and isn’t suitable to keep inside their baby’s crib. It’s tough to know for sure, as you may run into many different opinions. Find out what items you can keep in your baby’s crib below.


While blankets and pillows are a no-no for any crib, a fitted sheet is acceptable. However, not every sheet can go in this type of bed. If a sheet is too short, it will fly off the mattress pad, leading to issues with keeping the pad protected. If the sheet’s too big, it will hang off, and if you’re not careful, your little one might pull on it through the crib’s slats.

Ensure a sheet fits just right before placing it in a crib. You can easily find the perfect size by measuring the mattress.

Onesies and Wearable Blankets

Though blankets and pillows aren’t safe to have in the crib, a wearable blanket is safe. A wearable blanket is also called a long onesie or a sleeper. These garments work well as a makeshift blanket, keeping the baby’s toes and arms warm without leaving an inch of their body cold or uncovered.

The Baby

Of course, the crib must also have room for a baby. After all, cribs aren’t for decoration; they must be in working order before an infant can use them as a bed. Additionally, the crib must be an appropriate size for your growing baby. Children may not sleep comfortably without the right amount of room, so ensure the bed’s big enough to fit your infant.

Many manufacturers specialize in creating handmade baby cribs that suit infants well and allow them to grow and sleep better.

A Single Pacifier

The pacifier is one essential item that soothes a baby through a suctional rubber piece. However, if your child uses a binky, ensure there’s nothing attached before placing it in their crib. If something dangles from the tip of the pacifier, it may get caught in the slats of the crib.

Before putting the baby to bed, make sure to detach the accessory and place it on a side table. You can grab it and connect it to the binky the following day.

A Mattress Pad

Another item you keep in your baby’s crib is a mattress pad! Not only does it provide comfort to your bundle of joy, but it protects the crib and mattress from accidents. As with sheets, you need to choose a mattress pad that fits correctly and won’t move around when the baby does.

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