What To Keep in a Nursery Chest of Drawers


What To Keep in a Nursery Chest of Drawers

Mama, either you’re close to your due date, or you’re planning early. No matter what stage you’re in, you want to start thinking about what to keep in a nursery chest of drawers. From clothes to diapers, you have many ways to utilize extra storage space.

How To Organize a Baby Room Dresser

Many parents, even those who’ve had children before, can agree that the dresser is the hardest part of the nursery setup.

First, consider what clothes you’ll want to hang or fold. This question may stump you up until your due date, but the best suggestion is to divide everything by season, age, and occasion. For instance, if your baby is due in the winter, you’ll want to keep long-sleeved items within arm’s reach. Spring and summer clothes can go into the closet for now.

As you start organizing the dresser, dedicate each compartment to one specific piece of clothing or necessity, like diapers and wipes. Try a few organization tricks:

  • Group clothing by season and age
  • Label your drawers
  • Use the first compartment for diaper essentials

Top Drawers

So just what can go into a nursery chest of drawers? Fill the top drawer with essentials, like swaddles, bibs, blankets, and diaper-changing supplies. You may not need blankets as often, but in the spring and summer, you’ll still want a thin cover to throw over the stroller or car seat since the baby’s skin is sensitive to the sun.

Additionally, you will want to keep your onesies nearby, including those with zip-ups and side-snaps.

All in all, these are the items to keep in your top drawer:

  • Bibs
  • Extra clothes
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Swaddles

Middle Drawers

Depending on the amount of storage you have in your home, you’ll need somewhere to house your bathroom essentials and bigger clothing that your baby may grow into fast. If you have space atop the dresser, place a basket full of bath towels, baby wash, and washcloths in a corner.

Then, fill the middle drawers with bigger clothing, but stick to the current season. Your little one grows fast, so keep those one-size-up clothes close by so that you’re not digging to find a five-month onesie.

Bottom Drawers

The bottom drawers are entirely up to you. One popular way to use the bottom half of your dresser is to store books, toys, or other things for playing. Also, you can place blankets and sheets in these drawers. Then, store other clothes you buy or receive as gifts in the closet for later.

Whatever you choose to do with your chest of drawers for the baby room, keep it balanced by making sure everything has a place.

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