What To Look for When Buying a Crib

When it comes to building your baby’s nursery, the crib is one of the most important components. However, it also has the potential to be the most dangerous if you purchase a less-than-quality model. As the place where you’ll put your child to sleep at night, the crib has a series of requirements to meet before you put them anywhere near it. For this reason, it’s important you know the specific features to have in mind as you shop. This is what to look for when buying a crib for your newborn so you can be sure they’re safe.

Sturdiness and Durability

If you’re going to trust your crib to keep your child contained and protected, it must be both sturdy and durable. Though infants don’t often move around much when they sleep, as they grow, they begin jumping around and hanging on the bars. Should your crib not be able to handle this activity, it could break and pose a risk to your baby. Therefore, as you go about your search, try rocking your chosen model back and forth. Return it if it feels loose.

Bars the Proper Distance Apart

You also want to make sure the crib is built with the proper proportions. The bars are especially important to measure as it’s possible for your baby to get stuck between them. While crib safety regulations dictate they be no more than 2 and 3/8 inches apart, some low-quality models may not adhere to this. So, you’ll always want to check the dimensions yourself to be on the safe side.

Corner Posts of the Right Height

Another thing to look for when buying a crib is corner posts of the right height. Though they’re great for decoration, like the space between the bars, the corner posts also pose a threat to your baby if they’re the wrong dimensions. Should these sections be too high, your child’s clothes could get caught and they could hurt themselves. For this reason, it’s recommended that you don’t purchase a particular model if these parts exceed 1/16 of an inch high.

Conversion Capabilities

Make sure you’re looking for conversion options for your crib as well. Newborns grow quickly—so, you’ll probably find yourself in need of a toddler bed before you even realize it. Purchasing a model with a baby crib conversion kit allows you to navigate their transition without needing to buy a new piece of furniture. This saves you both time and money in the long run.

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