When Should You Buy a Crib During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience for every new parent, as there’s much to plan and plenty of things to buy before the baby comes. As a first-time parent, you’re going to have a great time but also feel puzzled in many areas—rest assured, this is normal. The pregnancy journey is a fun time for you, and you need the best guidance. First, let’s answer your most asked question: when should you buy a crib during pregnancy?

When Is the Right Time To Buy a Crib?

When shopping for a crib, you should plan to purchase one during your second trimester. The second trimester is between four to six months of pregnancy; during these months, you’ll have time to shop around until you find what you need price- and style-wise.

During this time, you should also decide where the baby sleeps. Do they share a bed with you, sleep in their crib near your bed, or have their own room? Deciding this will help you find the best time to buy a cradle.

Why Is Buying a Crib Early Important?

It’s essential to buy a crib early. Cribs don’t go out of style. But some models can be discontinued, meaning that parts for those models are scarce, and the likelihood of another manufacturer creating the same crib style is slim.

Buying a crib early on in pregnancy is also better because manufacturers do customizable orders for customers. Additionally, the personalized solid wood baby crib goes through a process that avoids using harmful chemicals. The tailored cradles arrive within 5 to 12 weeks at your home or local store, giving you ample time to set up other parts of the nursery.

Is There Anything Else To Know About Before Ordering a Crib?

Many expectant parents have other questions to ask. Likely, you’ve wondered how long it takes to receive your crib or if there’s enough time between then and your due date, just in case the baby comes early.

It’s so important for families to order during their second trimester. It’s normal to want to buy a cradle now, but waiting for the right time is essential.

Before purchasing a crib, you should confirm the pregnancy and make sure everything goes smoothly during the first part of it. That’s one of the biggest things to know when deciding the best time to buy a crib during pregnancy.

Buying a crib is a significant milestone during pregnancy, and we want to be right there with you through the entire process! Shop with Simply Nursery today and explore our selection of all-natural wood cribs and essential baby furniture. Sustainable baby furniture creates a serene nursery for an infant.

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