Why We Should All Be Shifting to Eco-Friendly Nurseries


Why We Should All Be Shifting to Eco-Friendly NurseriesIt’s vital to create a nursery that’s not just pretty or cute but sustainable and healthy. Parents sometimes find it difficult to obtain eco-friendly furniture for their nurseries, but there are options. Here are some reasons why we need to shift to eco-friendly nurseries.

No Worrying About Harmful Chemicals

Some companies still use harmful chemicals in baby products. Things like cribs and plastic toys often contain toxins. Since the rise of fast manufacturing, there’s no testing done to ensure that the furniture or toys you buy are safe. A lot of the time, manufacturers skip the Greenguard Gold certification process so they can sell items faster.

When researching a baby furniture company, it’s vital to see what manufacturing processes they use. For example, what agencies do they go through to test their items before selling?

Naturally Sourced Items are Fungus- and Bacteria-Free

It isn’t easy to keep the home clean, but the baby’s room is the one place you want to safeguard as much as possible. If your items don’t come from manufacturers who have sustainable, toxin-free wood, your baby could become sick.

Protect your infant by ensuring that the manufacturer you purchase your eco-friendly baby furniture from makes their products from renewable wood, such as bamboo or pine wood. Natural materials like these are biodegradable and grow in rehabilitated forests.

Eco-Friendly Nurseries Don’t Contain Plastics

You don’t always know how much plastic is inside baby products like baby wipes, skincare products, and changing pads. These items are essential to helping a baby stay comfortable and clean and shouldn’t make them sick.

Research products before you buy them, and if you haven’t created a baby registry yet, inform your guests to check items for plastics. If any items include plastics, find more eco-friendly substitutes.

Natural Products are Biodegradable

The best materials to buy are biodegradable. A biodegradable product is made from natural materials that are reused or recycled. Once a child grows out of their clothes or toys, you can donate them or pass them down to another child to use.

You’ll not only learn to control waste better, but you will keep some items out of landfills. Prioritize your baby’s health and only buy biodegradable products.

Living eco-friendly starts with teaching yourself why you need to shift your lifestyle and your baby’s nursery. Keep these things in mind when practicing a sustainable lifestyle.

Parents need to have sustainable furniture that lasts for years. Simply Nursery offers sustainable furnishings from renewable Brazilian forests. Shop with us for eco-friendly items to create a better, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your baby.

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