Yes, Baby Changing Trays Are Safe–Here’s Why

Let’s face it; changing tables are no longer helpful. While they help with organization, they get in the way, and your baby grows out of it fast. Instead of buying a changing table, you should look into changing trays. Now, you might ask if baby changing trays are safe, and our answer is yes—here’s why.

It’s Portable

One of the biggest takeaways from using a diaper changing tray is that it’s portable. Wherever you need to go for a diaper change, the tray goes with you. The changing tray can go anywhere; in the car, at grandma’s house, or in the living room after snack time, making it easier for parents who may not have the ability to walk up and down flights of stairs.

It Has Sides and Straps

In addition to increased portability, you also have more protection. Babies tend to roll and wobble, but thanks to the sturdy sides of the changing tray, your infant won’t fall off, and the straps keep the baby still during every change. Having the sides and straps makes using a changing tray incredibly safe for parents and babies.

It Makes Organization Easy

Organization is a huge thing every parent needs throughout the house—especially in the nursery. Since the tray’s easy to carry and move around, it’s also easy to store. You can keep your diaper changing tray on a dresser for easy access. Plus, the tray doesn’t take up a lot of space, which leaves you with more room to lay out your kiddo’s pajamas, their outfit for the next day, and any diaper-changing necessities.

Diaper Changes are Now Distraction Free

There’s nothing better than having a changing tray for distraction-free diaper changes. Every parent dreams of having moments where their babies aren’t grabbing at every item they see you touch or put back. Also, the changing tray has an extra space to put baby wipes and a diaper for you to use, so you can encourage your baby to focus on you.

As a new parent, you’re going to come across many nursery items you may never thought you needed, like the changing tray. Simply Nursery provides eco-friendly changing trays that create distraction-free diaper changes. Find your peace with a tray that’s easy to transport around the house and create a more structured environment for your nursery.

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