Yes, Wooden Nursery Furniture Is Safe: Here’s Why

Yes, Wooden Nursery Furniture Is Safe: Here’s Why

Hey, mama! How are you today? It looks like you’re searching for new baby furniture. You might have heard that plastic’s a good choice, but you should choose wood if you’re looking for wood furnishing made with sustainability in mind. If you’re still unsure if a wood option is for you, consider our reasons why wooden nursery furniture is safe and a preference for many new families.

Research and Safety Are Important

Before making any cribs or dressers, many manufacturers first research safety regarding material choices and the best safety features for all ages. Protection is essential because a maker wants to prioritize quality for a nursery over quantity.

The great thing about wooden furniture is that it can grow with your child. As your baby grows, the bed can convert from a simple crib to a full-sized twin bed. The convenience of having a bed that grows with your child saves you more money in the long run.

Additionally, many manufacturers revise the converted crib’s blueprints until it meets safety standards and passes evaluation checks through these standard safety committees:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Each certification board has a set of standards each company must meet before producing any goods. However, each certificate has different requirements and approves other production process areas.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

For stores to sell certain products in the United States, especially baby sets, they first need to ensure that each product that comes through passes various safety tests. Consumer Product Safety Commission focuses entirely on the structure of the nursery bassinet.

Wooden products can pass the structural test easily since wood’s sturdy and can last a long time.

American Society for Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials only gives the green light to producers that can prove their processes don’t contain harmful chemicals of any kind. All baby furniture makers of today must abide by the ruling to sell their items on the market.

Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association

Similar to the American Society for Testing and Materials requirements, for a maker to sell baby furnishings in stores, they need to meet safety standards in the state they’re selling in.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

If a seller plans on making a wooden crib, they need to ensure that there are low to no levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC). A VOC is a compound generally found in lead paint, but it’s not entirely illegal.

Many companies, if they were to use a VOC, need to record the amount used in production before they can finish their projects. However, if there is too high a level, they won’t get the GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

The Prevention of VOCs in Cribs

Many companies can display “non-toxic” in their product descriptions, but there’s no clear definition of what “non-toxic” means, and it’s not 100 percent honest. In every manufacturing process, a maker may have specific practices that use chemicals, but many are harmless to your infant and yourself.

Every parent needs a wooden baby furniture bundle set free of toxins and comes from renewable forests. With our natural wood cribs, we have virtually no VOCs in our products. Sustainability is at the heart of all our products during every step in the process.

Solid Wood Cribs Are the Right Choice

Every furniture piece you buy for the nursery adds up, but purchasing a bundle set is cost-effective and lasts a long time. In fact, you could use it for future children or give it to others as a secondhand gift if they need something sustainable to use.

Mama, when you were looking around for furniture materials to use for the baby’s room, were you hesitant to look into the wood since you thought it wasn’t the best material? You’re worried, but the answer you have been looking for is yes, wooden nursery furniture is safe. Here are some of the greatest benefits of using wood in the nursery.

Additional Benefits of Buying Wooden Furnishing

There are many benefits to buying wooden baby furniture for the nursery, such as safety and crib construction. Here are some other advantages you can enjoy when you have chemical-free and natural wood baby furniture.

Better for the Environment

As mentioned above, many cribs made today are chemical-free and have been certified for selling through different certification boards. Not only does the crib look nice in the nursery, but it promotes a healthier environment, especially during the manufacturing process.

While building furniture, companies can rely on regenerated forests to create baby furniture free of harsh chemicals. Additionally, they no longer have to rely on using materials that aren’t the best for you and your little one, such as plastic or metal.

Plastic and metal are two materials typically coated with toxic materials to help build a more robust product. The levels tend to be high, so you shouldn’t use them for children of any age. It’s best to stick with environmentally friendly materials, such as natural wood.

Materials Are Recyclable

The other great thing about wooden furniture sets for the nursery is that they are recyclable, and you can receive them secondhand. A well-made nursery bed set is likely to last a lifetime since its structure and sustainability are at the forefront of the building process.

Manufacturers Think of the Baby First

Before producing anything, manufacturers need to think of their target seller. Mama, you and your baby are all we think about when making every nursery piece.

From the blueprints to ensuring every practice is sustainable, our goal is always to ensure you and your baby have eco-friendly furniture made with you in mind.

We know that finding an exact source of the most up-to-date information on the safety of wooden baby furniture can be hard. At Simply Nursery, we make it a habit to stay on top of the best safety standards before operating. With you in mind, we can assure you that every other furniture piece you purchase today comes with love and compassion built-in for the security of your baby.

Yes, Wooden Nursery Furniture Is Safe: Here’s Why

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