3 Helpful Tips for Storing All Your Baby’s Clothes

3 Helpful Tips for Storing All Your Baby’s Clothes

Parents have a lot going on with the nursery—one of them is finding helpful ways to store their baby’s clothes without accidentally making a chaotic system. In other words, you don’t want to keep all the clothes together in a mess, so it’s crucial to approach the baby’s wardrobe with a plan.

Organize Every Three Months

Our first piece of advice is to organize every three months. Your baby grows fast, so having a three-month system helps the bedroom feel less cluttered and opens your little one’s wardrobe options.

You should only overhaul your child’s closet after their first birthday as the sizing is vastly different from infant garments. Parents should store bigger sizes in the closet but keep clothes from newborn to three months accessible.

When you’re organizing the closet, place the next size up first to know what size the baby is currently at. So on and so forth, store other ranges behind the next size to keep everything organized. This process can also give you a rough idea of what sizes to get more of later if need be.

Maximize Your Baby’s Storage

While parents often store clothes in a chest, various other items belong there too, like nappies, pj’s, and wipes. The best way to develop a system is to organize top to bottom. The first rule of thumb when deciding what goes into what drawer is to work out what items you will use the most.

It won’t be easy figuring out what you use the most right away, but one thing to keep in mind is to only place the essentials in. Start at the bottom of your modern nursery dresser—from there, place in dividers to make organizing clothes more straightforward. Depending on the season, you may want long or short sleeves to stay in the front.

After placing the clothes in, assign the other drawers for other purposes, such as items needed for your changing tray and more.

Always Use the Closet

The one thing parents don’t use is the closet. Closets might seem daunting at first, but they’re the most structured element of the room.

Let’s revisit that rule of placing the next size up first. While organizing, label all hangers with the month. For example, a two-piece outfit for a five-month-old could have a “five-month” tag attached.

Also, it’s wise to use collapsible hangers—they save a ton of space, leaving you with extra room for more clothing items, including winter coats. While there are plenty of ideas for organizing a baby’s dresser, it’s crucial to use every storage resource available!

It’s essential for parents to have these suggestions in mind when figuring out the best storage options for their little one’s clothing. With the help of an eco-friendly dresser from Simply Nursery, you can improve your storage methods in many ways. Shop with us for more ways to create an eco-friendly nursery that you’ll love!

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