A Quick Overview of Cleaning Your Baby’s Changing Tray

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A Quick Overview of Cleaning Your Baby’s Changing Tray

Hi, mama. It’s good to see you again. We know keeping up with your little one and all their quick changes seems daunting, especially if you recently brought your child home. It’s OK; it’s normal to forget a routine, and we’re here to help you. If you have trouble keeping your changing table organized and washed, here’s a quick overview of cleaning your baby’s changing tray.

Pick Non-Toxic Products

While cleaning the nursery, the essential area is the changing station. However, you must use non-toxic cleaners. Non-toxic cleaning products come from natural ingredients, so using them can make the area smell less like rubbing alcohol.

Additionally, clean your child’s hands after they touch unclean areas or items so that they don’t get sick.

The Quick Clean

You may do most of your diaper changes at home, but that doesn't mean you have tons of time for cleaning. There are ways to make changing diapers easier and cleaning your changing tray faster.

As you finish changing your baby’s diaper, immediately spray down the tray and wipe it clean; that way, it’s ready for the next round of diaper changing. Having a spray bottle can help maintain the tray’s appearance and keep gross dirt from building up and becoming difficult to remove.

Here’s a recipe for a quick cleaning spray:

  • Two cups of water
  • One teaspoon of dish soap
  • Spray bottle

The spray’s perfect for cleaning all surface areas and disinfecting toys.

The Deep Clean

If we have more time for cleaning, it needs to start in the nursery. As you clean and disinfect, it’s important to deep clean every few days, especially if your little one has a nasty stomach bug.

A deep clean can help protect them from getting sick again. You can create your disinfectant spray by using these ingredients:

  • A cup of water
  • A quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • A spray bottle

Pour all the contents into the spray bottle and shake it. Since hydrogen peroxide’s toxic, it’s best to spray this disinfectant when the kids aren’t in the room. After spraying, wipe down with a microfiber washcloth. After you finish wiping down your baby changing tray, place everything out of your child's reach.

A changing tray gets dirty quickly, but it’s one of the easiest items to clean in the entire nursery. Now that you’ve read our quick overview of cleaning your baby’s changing tray, you can start creating a plan of action for cleaning the baby’s changing station.

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  • Lori

    Grandma here. I bought a secondhand Pack n Play to have at my house. What do you suggest to use for cleaning the cloth portions of the changing tray? It’s a bit discoloured but in good shape otherwise. Would the dish soap and water be the way to go?

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