Dos and Don’ts of Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

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Dos and Don’ts of Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

Hey moms and dads! We’re so happy to have you back. Now that your little one has arrived into the world, or your due date is coming up, you want to know the dos and don’ts of changing your baby’s diaper. As we dive into the ins and outs of changing diapers, don’t forget to note the tips for diaper changes on the go.

The Dos of Changing Your Baby

When you have a little one, there are many giving you life hacks, advice, and sometimes, the wrong advice on which side is the front of the diaper.

However, as you master the art of diaper changing, let’s sort through what you should do to have a successful round of changes.

Test the Diapers Out

Every diaper fits differently on all babies. Even if others swear by one brand, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice for your baby.

So while shopping for diapers, opt for small packs; that way, you can test them out and buy a different brand next time if they don’t fit well.

Change Your Little One Often

The leading cause of diaper rash is a baby sitting in a soiled diaper for too long. Although diapers are expensive, and you might want to avoid changing them right away, your little one can develop burning rashes with bumps if you’re not careful.

If you need guidance, consult with your nurse before leaving the hospital to get an idea of how to schedule each diaper change.

The Don’ts of Changing Your Baby

Even with the dos, there’s a set of don’ts to avoid, especially as a new parent. Here’s what to take into consideration.

Don’t Place a New Diaper on Right Away

Besides wiping front to back, the vital thing to remember is to ensure your baby is completely clean before placing a diaper on. This means letting your baby’s skin breathe and air dry for a few minutes.

While they’re lying on the diaper changing tray, you can apply unscented products to hydrate their hands and feet.

Don’t Stock Up on One Size

It seems like an easy way to save money, but buying one size can hurt you in the end. Your baby grows fast, so purchase different-sized diapers to save more.

On the Go Diaper Changes

You’ll probably have to do many diaper changes on the go, so here are some tips to get through it all with ease and patience.

  • Have your diaper bag ready
  • Bring a changing pad with you
  • Have plastic bags prepared to toss soiled diapers
  • Have hand sanitizer and diaper rash ointment

With each passing day, it becomes routine to change the baby. After learning about the dos and don’ts of changing the baby’s diaper, you can now show the world how you’ve mastered the art of diaper changing.

Simply Nursery knows that there’s a proud mom and dad behind every successful diaper change. As you prepare the nursery, don’t forget to add a changing table to help make every change easy to get through every day.

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