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Essentials Every Baby Nursery Needs

Essentials Every Baby Nursery Needs

When you’re in the process of building a nursery for your unborn baby, it’s easy to get caught up in things like décor and general care supplies. However, you’ll also need to put effort into including the proper foundational pieces that will make this room function better. These are some of the core essentials every baby nursery needs to check off your shopping list.

A Sturdy and Safe Crib

First and foremost, a fully equipped nursery must have a place for your infant to sleep. Your baby will be doing a lot of napping for the next several months. As such, you’ll need a designated place that allows them to do so safely. Quality cribs and their mattresses are firm enough to provide support, as well as durable and robust enough to stay in one piece as your baby bounces around.

A Spacious Yet Compact Dresser

A quality dresser is also on the list of essentials every baby nursery needs. They provide additional storage when you need it. Between the piles of baby clothes you’ll acquire in the coming years and the extra changing materials you’ll need, you’ll never seem to have the space to keep it all. Fortunately, nursery dressers are very spacious inside while appearing compact and stylish on the outside.

A Secure Changing Table

Make sure that you purchase a secure changing table as well. While you can change your baby nearly anywhere with a flat surface, finding a way to keep them from wiggling around is the best way to ensure their safety. Changing tables come with straps that allow you to hook the tray to a surface of your choosing and limit your baby’s movements. This feature makes changing easier for you and ensures your child’s safety throughout the process.

If you still need these items for your nursery, look no further than Simply Nursery. Our carefully crafted baby nursery sets contain all the above pieces of furniture. We test each one to ensure that it’s safe for your child. These products are also available in matching styles and wood types, which guarantees a consistent and natural look for the space.


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