Tips for Designing a Functional Nursery Furniture Layout

It’s any new parent’s desire to bring their child home to a beautifully designed nursery. But while we want these spaces to look their best for our babies, it’s even more crucial that these rooms be practical. After all, this is where you’ll care for your infant and perform the basic tasks that they need. We at Simply Nursery are dedicated to providing parents with everything they need as they get ready for their infant’s arrival, whether that means quality furniture items or advice. This way, you know that you’re 100 percent ready for the steps following their birth. Here are our tips for designing a functional nursery furniture layout.

Functional Nursery Furniture Arrangement

To make your nursery a practical space for all your baby’s essential activities, you must first recognize what those needs are. In the first several months after bringing them home, your baby will use this room for sleeping, feeding, diaper changes, playing, and changing clothes. To facilitate those needs, make sure you designate specific areas in your nursery furniture layout for each of them.

You should also consider the space between these stations and your child’s safety in a given zone. For instance, you should situate all changing necessities near the changing table. This way, you won’t need to walk away in the middle of changing your infant. Promoting a smooth transition between your rocking chair and your crib is beneficial as well.

And that leads us to the importance of nursery furniture placement. The location of certain nursery furnishings can influence how effectively you use them. It can even determine how safe your baby is in that spot. That’s why it’s best to keep the crib away from the window and out of direct reach of any other station.

How Simply Nursery Can Help

As a company, we put our all into designing gorgeous, handcrafted nursery furniture that allows you the most freedom when you’re putting together a functional nursery layout. We carve our pieces out of reforested Brazilian wood and use styles that incorporate easily into any type of design aesthetic. Additionally, we test each of our solid wood furnishings rigorously for safety and exceed all industry requirements before shipping them to your home. As such, the only thing left for you to figure out is how to arrange it in your personal nursery. Browse our products today to learn more about how they can help you create the nursery furniture layout of your dreams.